"SMEAR" for Classical Guitar.

"SMEAR" for Classical Guitar.

Performed by Samuel Rubinstein.

Artwork by Julia Makówka.

"I asked Bartosz to write a piece for me. I told him to just write whatever best represents him. So, he writes a piece that is 12 tone and anti-romantic. But, try as he may , he still can't escape the black hole of tonality and the piece (Smear) has moments that are in fact pretty and melodic, sometimes even Chopinesque; which makes for a diverse piece that uses almost all the techniques available in the classical guitar's arsenal. Some parts of the piece are also a bit quirky and vaguely reminds me of Roland Dyens, especially in how detailed the piece is with it's specific notation markings. After the machine gun-like tremolo part comes in, the piece evolves into something groovy in almost a rock 'n roll way and, for lack of better words, sounds quite bad ass at that point. Since this piece has melodic, "nice" sounding moments and so much diversity, it's able to appeal to those who may not normally like or "get" contemporary classical music, and perhaps even serve as a gateway into the more abstract (sometimes atonal) styles of classical music."

-Samuel Rubinstein


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